Covid and the Pandemic

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The Covid Virus has added a terrible dimension to dying and mourning the dead. The human act of dying has been shrouded and obscured by the clinical necessities of the disease and making the rest of the population safe. The thoughts in this website and forum are based on years of experience of being with people who are dying and being with those who mourn. There are no easy answers to managing the grief as we remember and reflect. We hope that by sharing experiences in the forum there is some sort of relief. We hope that we can also share ways of mourning with the restrictions of the pandemic and folk will be able to share any ways that they have been able to grieve.

We have hope and expectation that when a person listens to their own needs during dying or mourning and then is free to be creative to meet those needs, unexpected and healing emerges.

We would very much like the website and forum to be a place of solace and sharing. Please contribute any ideas you have to the forum.

thank you

Maxine and Charles