It is very often specified in an invitation to a funeral whether the family want flowers. Nowadays, especially if a funeral is at a crematorium, some people feel sad that the flowers are just left out and not appreciated and so may well suggest a charity donation instead, or provide an opportunity to make a donation when leaving the ceremony.

It is customary for the main mourners to send the largest floral tributes. This is usually co-ordinated by the undertaker, who will often have a florist that they use who will be able to make other tributes for mourners.The undertaker will ensure that the flowers accompany the coffin to the funeral service.

In some funerals I have attended people have taken the tributes home after the service so that they are around at the reception following the funeral service. I have also seen people taking a single flower from the tribute and taking it home to press - either for them to remember the deceased - or in one case sending the flower to family abroad who were unable to attend the funeral.

Feel free to be creative with the florist and to suggest flowers that have meaning for you and the deceased. At one funeral I went to the deceased was a keen dog walker who loved walking in the woods. The florist made a beautiful woodland floral tribute that adorned the coffin and reminded all of us mourners of this gentle and beautiful appreciation that the deceased person had for the open air and the woods he walked in.