Poems, Prose and Writings about death

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You cannot hurry death

You cannot hurry death

It has its own time

Its own season

Even when life is thin, frail and achingly hard

You cannot hurry death.

Thin skeletal man

Just a breath in a sheath

of skin and bones

But still that breath continues

In and out

Measuring the last moments

of life and being

How do we free ourselves

from our painful carcasses when

they are exhausted and spent?

The soul valiantly

Showing glimmers of itself,

like a spark of light

through a dense gorse bush of redundant bones.

How the soul must long to be free

To rise up and fly again

Unencumbered by the trappings of an

ancient body

And yet there is a deep affection for

being here in this world

A place we know

People whose lives have touched us and

who we have touched

At some stage the call to freedom

Must be heard and not resisted

At some stage the shackles of the body can be

sloughed off

Like a snake losing its skin -

too small

too itchy


not fit for purpose


Then when one abandons

the thin thread of hope

that bind the soul

Only then can the future

Whatever that might be

Open and blossom

Maxine Green

There is no need – ode to a dying man

There is no need

to say the words

The heart beat is enough

There is no need to mend the future

The past was ample

and enough

There is no need to press the flesh

When the souls beat together

that is enough

There is not need, when the beat of the

soul is


and clear

There is no need……

it is enough

Maxine Green